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    Has anyone shot the Walther Slimline 40 S7W or 9MM? How does it handle??

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    Had one of the Walther PPS 9mm when they first came out (couple or three years ago). Very concealable, nice ergonomics, very accurate with that high bore axis, built-in Walther quality and reliablity. Did not like the trigger (kinda gritty and plastic 'bendy' feeling), could not get used to the magazine release (on trigger guard). The limited rounds did not bother me. Very nice pistol overall - just found myself going back to my standby revolver instead of picking up the Walther.

  4. Walther PPS 40 cal

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    Has anyone shot the Walther Slimline 40 S7W or 9MM? How does it handle??
    I have a pps in 40 cal. It's a great gun. I have about 400 rounds down range with 0 problems. It's a very light gun and is pretty accurate for such a short barrel. It has little bark and after 100 rounds you will feel it. However, this is not a range gun. It's intended use is conceal carry and for that I think it's great.

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    I have the PPS in a 9MM. I like it. I'm left handed and the ambi mag release is something I really like about it. A previous poster said it is light but it is heavier than some other pistols of it's size which translates to a lighter recoil.


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