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    American Tactical Importers

    Has anybody had any experience with this companies products. Just stopped by the gunshop on a whim and saw an ATI FX45 Titan 1911 in a 3" bull barrel with 7+1cap. Definately a nice looking gun. Fit and finish seemed very nice and for the money ($515) I don't think I can pass on it. Only issues are cheap sites and pretty basic hardwood grips-but both can be changed easily. I also compared it to a Citadel of similar make and it was about $100 more?

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    Disregard above post please. There will be no ati for me. Just picked up a slightly used colt defender 90series lightweight model-I love 1911's! I know G50AE 1911's make excellent hammers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by homershoots View Post
    I know G50AE 1911's make excellent hammers lol
    Lose that sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock.

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    G50AE lol actually after I decided against the clone I was thinking G30or36 but when I saw that used colt in there I couldn't resist $630+tax. Maybe one day man! Lol

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