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  1. unloading Keltec P32

    I bought a Keltec p32 for my wife. Low recoil and easy for her arthritic hands. Shoots easy. A fine, simple pistol.

    But I quickly discovered a problem. When unloading unfired rounds, each round gets a kick from the next round in the magazine to aid ejection. Problem is, the last round gets no kick, and does not eject. It slips slightly to the side and jams, and it can't be easily pried out. If I had three hands, I could hold the slide open and use the third hand plus a pocketknife to pry up the round.

    Has anyone found this problem, and what can be done about it?

  3. I'm not familiar with your Pistol but I had a Iver Johnson TP-22 that did not have anyway of locking the slide to the rear.

    Occasionally this Pistol failed to extract.
    To remove the spent casing from the chamber I would hold the Pistol by the Slide in my Left hand. Then push the Frame Forward with the Palm of my Right hand reaching for the casing with my Fingernail on my pointer finger. The TP-22 is a Small Pistol so this usually worked

    If that didn't work I would use a cleaning Rod thru the Muzzle end of the barrel to dislodge the Cartridge while holding the action open.

    Hope this helped.

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    Lightbulb P-32

    The P-32 slide should lock to the rear after the last round. Either you have a problem with your pistol/mag or you may have some underpowered ammo. The foreign 7.65 ammo seems a bit hotter and I personally use Fiocchi FMJs. I tried some Hornady HP and had several stovepipe and failure to eject jams. The Hornady just wasn't loaded hot enough to cycle the pistol reliably.

    As a test unload the pistol and magazine. Insert the empty mag and pull the pistol slide fully to the rear. It should lock. It will not lock without a magazine... I just tested this on my P-32.

    If it locks, try some different ammo.

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    I had the same problem with my M&P 45.The probem went away after I put about 75 rounds through it. Seems that the new spring needed to losen up a little.Not a single problem since and have had the gun over two years now with at least 50 rounds per month avg.
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  6. Remove the mag

    When trying to extract a chambered round, try removing the magazine and pulling back on the slide while holding the grip vertically. The round should fall down through the grip and out the bottom. I'd be holding it over a soft surface for the round to land on.

  7. The Keltec Tech Rep says that after 200 rounds the spring should be softened enough to allow the slide to retract the last millimeter needed to eject the last round.

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    Remove the magazine, unload magazine, eject last round from chamber. I have a keltec p32. They way I described unloading the weapon is "standard", not sliding the slide to the rear for each round.

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    I would unload the gun according to page 11 of the users manual:

    To unload the P-32 remove the magazine and briskly pull the slide back to extract the round in the chamber. Do not obstruct the ejector port and keep fingers away from trigger and muzzle. Visually inspect the chamber to make sure it is empty. Push the remaining cartridges in the magazine forward and out.
    With the magazine removed, if the unfired round in the chamber isn't ejected out the ejection port, it will fall through the empty magazine well. Also, the more "briskly" you pull the slide back, the greater the chance there is for ejecting the last round out the ejection port.
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