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How do you choose a preferred firearm for carry? Currently I have the exact set up for my carry guns. I am using the Galco Summer comfort IWB with a Fobus paddle double mag holder for both my glock 23 and my GI 1911. On occasion will I sub my Kydex OWB on my glock. I have been carrying my glock since I bought it at the beginning of this year. I want to carry my 1911 more but continue to grab the glock. I think that it's because like I said in another post My 1911 will only shoot FMJ. I don't know why but any self defense round I try mis feeds. Am I crazy for thinking that My 45 FMJ is less effective than my 40 with hollow points. What are your thoughts?
The first thing I ask myself, when selecting a "Primary" handgun is, "What gun would I want to use if I had to have a handgun in a gunfight?"
I tend to select the larger firearms because of that. 5" 1911's, S&W N-Frames, Glock 19/23's and Ruger GP100's because I can shoot them well. I then look at reliability. If the gun isn't 100% reliable it goes in the "Junk Pile". Sorry, but there is no debating that. 100% reliability is a must!

I only use FMJ's at the Range. For "Carry Duty" I select an appropriate Hollow Point round. If your 1911 isn't 100% reliable either find an appropriate round it likes and can fire 200 rounds of your "Carry Ammo" through it without a malfunction or take it to a "Reputable" Gunsmith and have it worked on. Reputable Gunsmiths tend to have a name and a waiting list. You also will pay for that.

After the gun is worked on you will still need to fire 200 rounds of your "Carry Ammo" through the gun to determine reliability. If it malfunctions at any time during the 200 round test, fix the problem and start at round 1 again with your "Carry Ammo".

When I say fix the problem, I don't mean clear the malfunction. I mean solve the problem. I've had to have magazine followers changed, buy different magazines, throat and polish jobs done, etc, etc, to make a gun reliable. That is the cost of carrying a "bottomfeeder" to me, and it's non-negotiable.

With Revolvers it's easier. I shoot 200 rounds of any ol' ammo through the gun and then a box of fifty of my carry ammo without a proper cleaning. I then clean it and shoot another box of fifty for "qual" and then load from another box of the same ammo, keeping enough for reloads and forensic test if I'm ever forced to use the gun.

It ain't cheap, but it's cheap insurance in the "Grand Scheme Of Things".