what do you recommend? kel-tec pf9 or p11?
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Thread: what do you recommend? kel-tec pf9 or p11?

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    what do you recommend? kel-tec pf9 or p11?

    i want to know what you guys recommend. i am not an expert on handguns. i am more of a bolt action rifle kind of guy. i have shot pistols and am not a bad shot but when it comes to picking makes and models i suck. feel free to suggest any other pistols you want too.

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    Well from personal experience ownning both the PF9 and the P-11 I recommend the P-11 I find the PF( grip alittle too slim and with the P-!! ya get 12 rounds of 9mm in almost the same size package the trigger reach is also a little shorter on the P-11 vs the PF9

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    Depends on which fits YOUR hand(s) best. 12 rounds is nice unless you can't naturally shoot it because you have to twist it in your hand to properly reach the trigger. Also a bigger gun is hard to conceal, so you might leave it at home on a hot day.

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    +1 for the p11
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    Others will disagree, but if your interested in a P-11, also check out the SCCY CPX (1 or 2).
    It is virtually the same pistol, but the Sccy is all Stainless steel parts (plus polymer) with a metal recoil rod instead of plastic.
    IF you have any issues with the pistol their customer service is Top Notch and comes with Lifetime guarantee that stays with the gun not the owner..

    I've had a CPX-1 (Gen-1) for several years and I'm very happy.

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    Glock 22, or any Glock for that matter.

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    My brother started out with a p-11, then traded it for a glock 19.

  9. Very smart Brother, ;)

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    My brother started out with a p-11, then traded it for a glock 19.
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    Very smart Brother, ;)
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