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    Sig P250-Opinions

    My friend bought a Sig p250 about a month ago from a gun show. The first day she took it to the range she fired 150 rounds through it when it "broke". The smith at the range said it had a broken spring in the trigger mechanism and had to be sent back to the manufacturer.

    It's been three weeks and now she is considering just selling it when she gets it fixed. We've heard several different opinions on that model gun, anything from that model gun is known to have issues to it's THE best gun you can own. We know the truth lies between these two extremes somewhere and I'd like to know what the consensus is from the folks on this board to possibly help her out with her decision (to sell or keep it).

    So, what is your opinion?

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    I can't speak personally about this particular model but I've owned a few Sigs and when it comes to quality have yet to find any production handgun that compares. I know my meager opinion is just one among the many but from ur average joes perception I would feel confident in saying that your friend may have experienced the exception as opposed to the rule. Sigs are standard issue for, atleast last I checked, The Texas Rangers, The Navy Seals, and The Secret Service. Not services that take their firearms lightly. I would suggest to your friend that she should give it another try. But most important you must be able to trust and have confidence in your firearm. So if she can't feel comfortable with it maybe it is time to move on. Just my 2 cents :)

  4. The "New" Sig P-250's have been know to have problems.... Let your fingers do the walking across the net.. Google "P-250" etc. and see the posts on different forums etc. Which caliber does she have? I would assume 9mm?? I would ask her to try and another Sig of the original version.. May be heaver than the 250.. Also what is her intended use of the gun? I can suggest several handguns that would suit her purpose if I knew she was going to carry it or Home defense etc. .. Don't get me wrong.. I ALWAYS have at least 1 sig in my collection at all times... Right now I have a P-220... Just cause I like 45 so much.. Traded my P-229 40 cal for it.. One hell of a weapon...Will miss that one... My 1st one was a 9mm 226.... Loved that Gun..... But I am a Guy... LOL...
    I refuse to be a victim, and to to protect my loved ones.. That is why I carry..

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    Quote Originally Posted by captsam54 View Post
    Which caliber does she have? I would assume 9mm??
    Yes, it's a 9mm

    Quote Originally Posted by captsam54 View Post
    Also what is her intended use of the gun?
    Mostly a range gun. It's her first and only gun, so right now it is (or was) serving dual purposes (range and home defense, she doesn't carry yet).

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    SIG 226, GLOCK 19, FNH 9.. The Sig is the heaviest.. and also will have the lowest recoil.. What can U say about a Glock.. Bang Bang... The FNH or (FNP) 9 mm is a great gun for the price...

    The Sig is a great choice because of SA/DA and the de-cocker..
    I refuse to be a victim, and to to protect my loved ones.. That is why I carry..

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    I have a Sig P250 with a few thousand rounds through it with no problem. They are made by man and there will be a certain of failures, no matter what the make or model.
    Yes, you can look through the gun forums and find a lot of people running down the P250 but most people have heard or read about a problem and then report it as fact. Do not take the trashing of the P250 as fact.

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    Get yourself a Glock.

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