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    I am teaching my son to shoot and want to start with a .22LR semi-auto. I want him to get used to safety, gun operation and want to keep costs down. Can anyone recommend a .22LR pistol that would be suitable. New or used is fine. I live in northern WA state. I am pretty familiar with the larger cliber stuff but dont know much about 22s.

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    My first hand gun was a Rugar Mark II .22. They can usually be found at pawn shops and gun shows for less than $200.

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    The Browning Buckmark is a great pistol for teaching, and also learning how to take apart and clean. I have owned, and still own many .22 caliber pistols from Beretta, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Browning, etc... The Browning is my first choice when teaching someone new how to shoot.

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    I got my wife a Browning Buckmark and we found it a good gun for learning with. I also use it to introduce novices to shooting.

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    Any Ruger Mark I, II, or III will give years of satisfying performance.

    I also have a S&W Model 22A that I love.

    The 22A is more "user friendly" than the Ruger simply because disassembly/reassembly is much easier. S&W makes several barrel lengths of the 22A...retail is below $300.

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    Just bought a Sig Mosquito for my 12 y/o son about a month ago. I was wanting to get him the Walther P22, heard good and bad about it. Was not sure what to buy until he saw the Sig at a gun show and he loved how it looked and felt. The fact that he was excited and liked it was enough for me, whatever keeps him safe, and interested. The only drawback is the Mosquito is a little picky with what ammo it likes. Other than that we are happy with it. Oh BTW it was a $5 difference in price between the Walther and Sig.

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    Walther P22 in addition to any of the others mentioned above.
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    First your son is a lucky young man in that he has a father that is willing to take the time to teach him gun safety. I wish all parents would do what you are doing. Do not forget to show him revolvers also. However Beretta makes a fine 22 sub-compact auto. I also think the Walther P22 would work. You might take your son into a gun shop and let him try holding various guns to get his opinion. The 22 caliber is still my favorite even after more than 45 years of shooting. The 22 LR is by far the most popular cartridge in the world. And despite what some critics of it say it can be quite lethal. By the way I live about an hours drive west of Spokane. About where are you? located? Welcome to USA CARRY.

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    The only .22 pistol I have left, (I used to have several) is my S&W 2206, it's the older brother of the 22A. I've had Beretta's, Colts, and Rugers but their all gone now due to a home break-in in 1992. Santa's advice is the best yet; take your son to a gun dealer and let him try out several for fit and comfort, then decide...
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    Ruger Mark II

    Another vote for the Mark II.

    Flawless feeding,low cost appetite. All day plinking JOY!!

    Ammo can be found at Wal Mart "Wisconsin". Cheap,very accurate and
    easy to learn. Oh, I forhot... SAFE. I taught mt 16 year old daughter to shpt with it.


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