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    I live in an acreage where I can legally fire my handgunds. My neighbours complain about the noise and I have decided to buy a supressor. I am a straight up person with not even traffic ticket in 10 years. I see the following on Gemtech's website

    Where can I download the necessary forms?

    The required transfer paperwork is available from the BATFE on their website. However, your dealer will usually supply you with the necessary forms.

    ATF Online - Forms - Firearms

    Fingerprint cards are usually obtained from your local law enforcement agency when they fingerprint you.
    FINGERPRINT CARDS - what are these used for and are they kept on file. I've bought many guns with no problems and now they want my prints for a suppressor. This is odd as suppressors are harmless. I have never liked the govt possessing infromation that is not needed for the immediate purpose (and if it is detroy after use). Can anyone she any light on this/

    I have also heard of NRA trusts - how do they work and what are the adavantages and costs?

    I need to get a 9 mm suppressor and wondering the best way to do it. I live in WA state. Any and all replies are appreciated.

  3. Best thing to do in my opinion is to find a NFA or some call them Class III FFL Dealer. The dealer should assist you with filling out the necessary paperwork and paying the tax to purchase a suppressor. Gemtech and Silencerco should have a listing of dealers in your state. Good Luck and be patient. Might take a few months.

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