just put it on layway today
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Thread: just put it on layway today

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    just put it on layway today

    I put a gun on layaway today im picking it up on tuesday. A smith and wesson sigma 9mm. Great gun for the price. With tax and out the door 389. with out tax was 359

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    I have several Sigma's. You can't got wrong with one at that price!

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    That was the very first handgun that I bought when I turned 21, A Sigma 9VE and it was a good gun very accurate and I shot about 500 rounds through it with out cleaning it. I was dumb and didn't know that it should have been clean.

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    yea when I went to look at it the only thing that made me hesitate was the trigger but im new to pistols in general so its no big deal but yea i can get it changed if i want to if it turns out to not be to my liking

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    I think you will like the sigma. They aren't fancy, but they work well.
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    just picked it up yesterday man i love it so far

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    If you are interested in fixing the trigger pull;

    I have not done to mine just in fear of not being able to get it back together.
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