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Thread: Taurus Pistol Mags?

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    Bye the bye, I did find a third mag for my Taurus PT 58 through auction sites.

    Usual routine, keep two mags loaded at all times. The third stays empty in rotation with the other two. Spring rest, I call it. (I don't even know if it is effective. Just that it seems to me that keeping a spring contracted to the max all the time HAS to lead to weakness toward the end of it's expansion. Read: Possible feed problems.)

    It's a good question. Any observations? Urban legends? Old wives tales? Facts, even?

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    I can only talk of my own experience. I have ordered MIL PRO magazines on line for generation 2. In the description of the magazine fitting such model, there is no differential description relative to generation.

    Magazines are a tricky commodity though, in older model guns, a magazine can be advertised to fit, but upon delivery such magazine may need a slight adjustment or tweaking to arrive at the proper seating. This comment is not directed toward newer guns or the taurus line.

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    Call customer service. I own many taurus hadguns, never had a problem except when my nephew broke the safety on my pt-140, they fixed with no questions asked. They will answer your question.

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