Taurus Pistol Mags?
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Thread: Taurus Pistol Mags?

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    Taurus Pistol Mags?

    I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for, so I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone knows the answer. Does anyone know if the Millenium Pro magazines work in the original, older style, Millenium 10 round pistol? I have looked on the Taurus website and every else I could think of, but I cannot find the answer. Thanks for your input.

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    i would suggest calling them, ive had good exp. with there cs.

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    Do you have a bit more information the Taurus pistol, what exact model is it??
    I know that it is a millenium, but what caliber, model, size, etc....The more information you can provide the better people can help you. send me a PM with the information, maybe I can help.

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    It is a PT-111 in 9x19mm. It is the Millenium before they became the Millenium "Pro" models. It is not the first generation of that pistol, because it has a loaded chamber indicator, but it does have the older polymer grip frame design that the first ones had. The magazine I have with it is a 10 round one.

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    Do Taurus owners have a discussion forum? I had a similar problem/questions with Bersa magazines, but was able to make some headway on the issue at bersatalk.com

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    There is a taurus forum that can help you out with this. Google taurus forum and it will show up. I get my taurus mags from my LGS.

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    Thanks for the input. I did find out that Midway USA still sells the magazines for 33.99 each. I think I will order two of them. Sometimes, gun companies change the dynamics of their models so quickly, you can get left behind if you don't "gear up" right from the start. I have owned this pistol for a long time and never got around to getting some extra mags. I do have to admit that Taurus did great on the repair and turnaround of this pistol. They had to replace the extractor and loaded chamber indicator, and they replaced my recoil spring too. Total time from ship to getting it back - three weeks.

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    Well, ran the PT-111 at the range this morning, and the repairs Taurus made to the ol' girl worked great! Ran like a top. Now, to get some extra mags.

  10. I think that Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop has those for $29.00. I bought 1 for my millenium pro 145, and 1 24/7 .45.

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    I have found that the gun auction sites have just about anything you need. I even found a spare mag for sale for my old .25 cal Sterling that I have had for 30+ years now. (Decided not to get it. I don't carry the pop gun any longer, have better weapons for the purpose. I only shoot the .25 occasionally, just to prove to myself that it still works more than anything else. LOL!)

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