Sig Sauer 22. vs Kimber Rimfire
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Thread: Sig Sauer 22. vs Kimber Rimfire

  1. Sig Sauer 22. vs Kimber Rimfire

    While there quite a few 22. threads out there, I am going to start a new one.
    Once upon a time I had a Beretta 87 Target which I never got a good aim with. I tried a friends P22 with the same results so I have up on 22's. However, that was mostly my shooting and not the gun. I never got any got with a 22.

    Yesterday I was browsing at the Sig Sauer page and to my surprise I found many new 22's.

    I knew about the Sig Mosquito, 24.6 oz. for $390 but I did not know about the new 1911-22, 18 oz. for $400. I was about surprised that the 1911 was lighter then the Mosquito.

    Then there was the P226 Classic 22, 23.7 oz. for $610. The Kimber Rimfire is whopping $835 at 23 oz.

    Is the Kimber really worth the price difference or is the Kimber 1911-22 just as good?
    If so, which Kimber should I go for? The heavier Mosquito or the 1911-22?
    What to choose?

    Any input and user experiences on any of these guns is highly appreciated.

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    I have the mosquito...I have had no issues with...I use decent CCI ammo fmj/jhp can not use the cheap stuff...the cost factor and the way it felt ...were what decided me...

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    We have a Sig mosquito, not a bad gun but it is picky on ammo as mentioned before. The introduction of a bunch of new .22's were the rage at Shot Show this year -- everyone is getting in the game. I wouldn't spend $8xx on the Kimber, that is for darn sure... too many good options at $400 to do that.

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