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Thread: Pocket 380s as your main carry

  1. Bersa Thunder .380/Glock 26 as my choice ...

    I've had mouseguns, always the KelTec P3AT and PF9. Not good handguns to practice with. I'm older, my hands are a little arthritic. Sold the P3AT's and I keep a PF9 and a few extra mags in my Happy Camper Sack as a backup. I wear a Bersa Thunder .380 IWB in light-clothing weather and a Glock 26 as my IWB in colder months.

    Ammo matches what the local PD carries (usually hollow point).

    HD is a tested Judge Public Defender, .410, double ought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captsam54 View Post
    Your right.......... That is what most people do.. The diminutive LCP is an excellent pocket 380. and most people don't shoot it enough.. I carry mine everywhere when I can't carry my compact 45... I shoot mine wherever I can... But like you say.. I doub't that I have put 200 rounds thru it... It's shot whatever I have put through her though...

    I think the main reason for most people.. IS.. NOT ENOUGH RANGES OR PLACES FOR MOST PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND SHOOT...
    If you have had 200 rds through it with no trouble its probably good to go, personaly I prefer the taurus TCP over the LCP, slide locks back, and seems to have much better trigger, but if your happy with it great

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    I've probably put 500 rds or so through my LCP and never had a FTF yet. I've carried it daily since I bought it nearly 3 years ago. 150-200 rounds a year. I'm not a range shooter with any of my guns, most I own are for hunting (shotguns/rifles), my handguns for SD. I don't like any carry except front pocket unless I'm back in the woods where I open carry a .41 Mag, this gun is perfect for me.

    I won't own a Taurus, but that 's just me.

  5. I only carry the .380 when I can't possible carry anything else. I have a Kahr P380 ( I know he said other than in the opening post). I shot the required 200 rds for proper break in. My friend bought the Ruger LCP and to be quite honest that thing is brutal to shoot. I would not want to shoot more than a couple magazines at a time. However, it's a perfect concealed carry .380. It's super light and easy to conceal. The brutal shooting will prevent some people from proper practice and break in.

    I didn't have a chance to read all of the posts. Remember that pocket carry builds more lint than any other carry type. Cleaning on occasion even though you don't shoot it is necessary.

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    I EDC the LPC. 380 because it conceals well in customized holster, in my pocket.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for similar sized 380 (automatic) that shots single or double action like my old Detonics (pocket Six). I prefered that trigger's pull.

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    Broke with my tradition a couple yrs back and "parked" my 45s for a Makarov. Ultra reliable, light weight, slim, and accurate. Now I have replaced it with a 232 Sig in 380. Same qualities and in stainless. Neither were "pocket" guns but that is where they often were carried. I call 380s mini 45s. They travel slowly and hit hard instead of punching holes.

  8. I am a NRA instructor , so unlike others I am at the range every week. Once I am on my own time there and shooting for myself the last thing I do is run a mag thru my EDC LCP. So unlike most , mine is getting loads down the pipe. As far as being difficult to shoot with the recoil, look into replacing the springs with the 13 lb springs from Wolff Springs. Best $15 I ever spent, 9 lb springs are the factory standard. Going to the 13# drops the recoil by 1/3. You can get them at gunsprings.com. Another problem with the Ruger and Kel-Tecs is they do not like to be dry, that is a major cause of FTF and FTE. Keep them lubed up and you should have no problems. Remember that leaving them in that holster will have the holster absorbing the oils from the gun and it may not function when you need it.

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    I have carried the LCP in my pocket in the summer or when I have to be completely concealed. Recently I came across an OWB holster that works great. It's a Don Hume leather #53-709 made for the Taurus PT709 Slim. Fits very close to the body & is invisible under a t-shirt.
    Granted a 380 would not be my first choice to carry, but when needed, & loaded with the right ammo, it will be deadly.
    Ladies, give this holster a try, you will be impressed!

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    I carry a Taurus TCP as a pocket carry when it must be deep concealed, or I can't dress around a bigger carry gun.

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    I normally pocket carry my Taurus TCP .380 with my NAA .22 Mag Mini-Revolver as backup during summer months. During winter months I've started carrying my Rossi 46102 plus my TCP. As you can see, I'm never really very far away from my .380!
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