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Thread: Pocket 380s as your main carry

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    I shot around 50 rounds each the last 2 times I went to the range with my p3at. For the smallest gun I have, it does have the most recoil, but that's why practice is so important. I have noticed that my thumb sometimes accidentially bumps the mag release, which has been the recent focus of my p3at practice. My pinky is usually under the mag, so it's not like my mag drops to the ground.

    Recoil can be your friend, you just have to invest the practice time to make it happen!

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    Have parked my 45s for a 232 Sig in 380 and sometimes a Mak. Got tired of lugging those monsters around. Getting soft in my old age I guess. I call 380s mini 45s as they travel slow also. Have given up 100 grains of lead but there is still plenty there to do the job.

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    My LCP is my main carry. She is in my right front pocket all the time. I have no doubt that she will stop a threat if I rely on my training should I need her.
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    I try to make it to the range at least once a week to practice with my carry guns. The LCP is more my weekday carry due to work dresscode. Weekends I usually carry one of the other 2 in a Crossbreed. I try to put at least 50 rounds put down the pipe every time on the LCP so to guess it has over 1000 rounds. Advantage is my Gun Club is on the way to and from work so it is very easy to swing in and practice.

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    I like the Ruger LCP, carry it frequently, and enjoy shooting it. Carry it as my primary gun...no.
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  7. I have the same issue in trying to decide if I need to go with the LCP or perhaps LC9 or Glock 19.

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