Pocket 380s as your main carry
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Thread: Pocket 380s as your main carry

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    Pocket 380s as your main carry

    This is something I rarely do, (start threads), but what's on my mind is looking over the most popular carry gun thread, I see that the Ruger LCP is out front, by a lot, now most of the weapons mentioned are really good guns as carry's, but what I and several others I have talked to would like to know is, how many of you that carry a 380, and I'm talking about the small inexpensive ones, not sigs or kahr's, actualy go out and shoot the gun, I mean practice with it on any sort of reg basis, I'm asking this because of what I have found in asking people that have purchased these small 380's to carry, that the largest majority of them buy the gun take it home, fire of a few rds, maybe a full mag or two, and then the gun goes in there pocket or purse, and while maybe not forgotten about, it may not get fired again for months, and being cleaned probably never happened, at all, of all the small autos I have and have had, never get what I would call reliable untill they have had at least 2 or 3 box's of ammo though them, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you carry one of those little guns, and do not properly break it in, and keep it clean, it will screw up on you, possably when you may need it the most, personaly my wife and I have tryed several differant brands of small 380's and we would never carry one of them as a main carry, back up, but not as your only weapon

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    My experience (1 mag full)with the tiny 380's is that They are very uncomfortable to practice with!

    It was like firing the cartridge from the palm of my hand. Not a pleasant experience.

    Of course, it would hurt less than being murdered.

    My one 380 for carry is a Bersa.


  4. Your right.......... That is what most people do.. The diminutive LCP is an excellent pocket 380. and most people don't shoot it enough.. I carry mine everywhere when I can't carry my compact 45... I shoot mine wherever I can... But like you say.. I doub't that I have put 200 rounds thru it... It's shot whatever I have put through her though...

    I think the main reason for most people.. IS.. NOT ENOUGH RANGES OR PLACES FOR MOST PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND SHOOT...
    I refuse to be a victim, and to to protect my loved ones.. That is why I carry..

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    Well, first - I'm not tring to give you a hard time OR start a argumentive thread, but I think that even though the LCP can be had for under $300, most folks would agree that it really is a high quality 380 - compared to there other cheap ones. More to your point though, most people also agree that the 380, thanks to advancements in propellents and bullets, the 380 is a much better defensive round than it was 5 to 10 years ago, if you r using that "modern" ammo. The only problem is, good 380 ammo today is equal to good 38 special ammo of 20 years ago, maybe even plus P. That never was all that great compared to the 9mm or 40 cal. Today though, most people think it works as the minimum with good modern ammo in a reliable pistol.

  6. I carry a Kel-tec 3AT, and have a 9 round extended mag as a spare. Pocket carry is just too easy, even when I have the opportunity to strap on, I usually go with the pocket.

    Granted, if I had a decent carry rig, that could change, but pocket carry works just fine for now.

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    I added an LCP to my carry arsenal about three months ago. I'm lucky to have a nice range very close to my home which gives me plenty of practice time.

    I used to subscribe to the old saying, "A .380 is something nice to carry if you don't want to carry a gun." Not any more. The newer self-defense rounds are cranking about 1000 FPS and the penetration/expansion tests I've seen are pretty impressive.

    I agree that some folks fail to run enough rounds through their new carry piece to ensure it is dependable...regardless of size and/or caliber. That's not the gun's fault.

    Regarding the discomfort of firing the LCP, I haven't experienced it. Agreed, some modification of technique and a slip-on Pachmayr grip are likely to be the reasons for my success.

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    Yeah, a little over a month ago, I bought a Ruger LCP for use as a BUG.
    Now, it's my primary, at least for the summer months, and will carry the 9 MM with heavier clothes.

    I've shot her quite a lot ~ recoil is not that bad ~ and she's pretty accurate for her size. I would hate to be hit with a .380 anywhere. They seem to be potent enough for CC.

    Elsie rocks!!!!!

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    I think too many 45 chauvinists have derided mouse guns too long!

    A well placed hit with a 380 is better than a 45 in something less than vital.

    The cartridge is certifiably lethal and was a mainstay for many non-USA police departments for decades.

    Newer SD ammo makes it even more of a viable round.

    I can also carry that Bersa in clothing that prohibits my 1911, G30, or other "Man-stoppers."

    “You should not have a favorite weapon.” -Miyamoto Musashi

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    I carry my LCP quite a bit as a primary carry gun. I also will carry my Taurus PT-111 in 9x19, but not in the pocket and not as much. I have put about 150 rounds thru my LCP without any malfunctions. I can still fire a full size pistol better than the small one, but I can't carry it as easily concealed. I usually keep my LCP loaded up with either Fiocchi 90 grain JHP or Remington "Golden Sabers". It functions just fine with both of them and the recoil is not all that bad. When I go to the range, I usually put fifty rounds down the bore each time, then take it home and clean up up. I'm happy with that little gun.

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    I use my LCP as my primary carry probably 60% of the time (the rest being my LCR .357 or HK SK 9mm). I shoot all of my pistols on a regular basis with emphasis on my carry pieces.

    Yes, the LCR isn't a very pleasant gun to shoot but not many pocket guns are. I usually go through 5-8 mags when I take the LCR to the range. I find it easier to shoot the smaller guns after I've shot my larger pistols, the harsh recoil not seeming as bad after going through 100-150 rounds of .45ACP and/or .357 before moving to the little guys. I think my hand has gotten used to the LCR because it doesn't seem as bad now as it did for the first few hundred rounds.
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