We picked up a new PT-740 friday, if used for it intended use, concealed carry, it is a nice gun, but as far as going to the range for a day and haveing at it, the pistol worked fine no FTFs or FTEs, stovepipes, jams, nothing, it operated fine, but as I kind of expected it's recoil is stout, not what I would say hurtful, but you probably will not enjoy pounding rds through it, and the mags are a bit tough to load, but our uplula loader seemed to work ok, it also seemed to eat just about any ammo, brass, steel, alum, and 3 differant hollow points, but its accuracy is good once I got the sights set, it was no big deal, simple adjustments, so I would say if your looking for a easly concealed 40 that don't cost a weeks pay I would say check it out, ..........now please keep in mind I am not advocating Taurus in any way reason being while my personal experiance with the guns has been for the most part ok, I did have to deal with taurus cust service once, wanted to purchase two new mags for the my 709, it was still new, just hit dealer shelves, and they were only avalable from Taurus, and dealing with cust service on that matter was not a pleasent experiance, "I would say how I really felt but Luke might ban me" LOL, so if anybody was thinking about getting one and it is going to be mainly for personal concealed carry, I would give it a thumbs up, provided you are not terribly recoil sensitive