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Thread: M&P vs USP

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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    Game over. Got the m&p, but in 357 SIG. They gave me a decent deal on it because that chambering is the least popular of the four.
    I don't know about least popular .357sig is a great round with a lot of fans. Overpriced yes but not unpopular.

    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    While I like the idea of multiple chamberings in a gun, I like the idea of more guns better.
    Couldn't say it better myself.

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    Least popular, not unpopular. That is almost certainly due to ammo price and availability. Nine is cheap, 40 is proven (by that I mean no heated debates about "is it enough?", the kind of debates that will forever haunt the 9mm), and 45 is certainly proven and very popular. The 357 SIG is indeed a dandy hotrod, with a very proven record. But it can be hard to find, spendy to feed, and so far all hands agree that it can be a bit tricky to load. But the performance is there, without a doubt. I did as much research on the cartridge as I could, filtered out all the "expert" testimony from the countless millions who have killed hundreds of evildoers with the cartridge, and found no drawbacks. I will not say it is the best, I won't even say it is my favorite (yet). But I think it will be a good performer, both in competition and for defensive work. Confidence radiates from those who are confident.
    Say when.

  4. I just bought another HK Sat. a P30s V3 9mm feels like it was custom made for me. Here is a link to Pete's page it has some good info for the OP about the .357sig rd, superb caliber. Has around 23% of Highway Patrol and State Police and the .40 just under 50% so the sig. is getting more popular,
    HandGunInfo.com: 357SIG: 357 Sig and .40 Comparison
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    I love mine!
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    I don't have any advice per se, but I do own both guns so I'll tell you how I feel about them without typing out a doctorate disertation.

    H&K USP: Great gun, probably the most reliable guns available out of the box, without having to have any new parts, fancy grip stippling, or paying for a new APEX trigger to actually make it a better gun. You rarely here of H&K weapons breaking or not going bang each and every time, out of the box. It's downside if the grip and the placement of the safety. I don't care for either, but it's a damn good gun and runs 100% without so much as a cleaning for thousands of rounds.

    M&P: Great gun, probably another of the poly framed guns that most will trust their life with. Grip is more similar to that of the tried and true 1911. The available back strap panels to fit small, medium and large hands is a plus and enhances the desirability of the pistol very much. If it's too small in the gun shop, just change out the back strap to the large and it's going to feel great in your hands.

    Trigger is decent out of the box but most are purchasing the APEX trigger systems and enhancing their triggers from the factory trigger. Your still under the price of a new H&K USP even with the additional cost of the APEX trigger systems. So far the M&P has a stellar record and appreciation through out the high end shooter community.

    You can't go wrong with either !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snatale42 View Post
    .357sig is a great round with a lot of fans. Overpriced yes but not unpopular.
    Price is a function of sales volume. It's the same reason .380 ammo is more expensive than 9mm. Military organizations use 9mm and not 357SIG or .380ACP, so 9mm is less expensive.

  8. M&P = FTW

    I have 2. 9L (5in slide/barrel) and 45 (full size). I have installed the Apex Tactical DCAEK and CAEK in each, respectively. They work great. I used the 9L for action pistol matches and I couldn't be happier. I have had no problems what so ever and have shot thousands of rounds in each and no issues .

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Big fail on that one billt. The G17 is smaller than the G34 and will fit into the box. The G34 was designed to have as long of a barrel as practical and still fit into the IDPA box. And yes, I do shoot IDPA with my G22 in the Stock Service Pistol division. The only Glocks that will not fit into the IDPA box, are the G17L and the G24, IIRC.
    I was talking about the Glock 17-L Long Slide. My mistake for not pointing that out. The standard 17 will fit. Bill T.

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    I have the M&P9c for carry and absolutely love it. This gun shoots and carries well not to mention how awesome the grips feel in your hand.

  11. Yup, can't go wrong with the M&P. If one can only do one single modification to the trigger, its got to be the ultimate striker block hands down. 40 bucks and 10 mins of install and you'll go from listing the trigger as the only fault to bragging about it. Now add the hard sear and you'll be in love.

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