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  1. Sig P229

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the 229 for IWB carry. Also what do you guys thinks of it as far as relieability and quility.

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    Everything is 2 thumbs up. I use my 229 for IDPA, I don't iwb carry so I cant say regarding that

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    if i had more thumbs...

    I agree 2 thumbs up! If i had more thumbs I'd include them also. I carried 1 with and without the light rail. Both worked well iwb. Cant say enough good things about Sigs. It gives the false impression of being a "chunky" gun but it really is well suited for daily iwb carry. Did it for years. Both of mine were .40s. And last I knew, its standard issue for Secret Service. Thats just cool to be able to carry what those guys do.

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    I just bought a 229 E2 last month. They are as good as handguns get. You need one.
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    Get yourself a Glock 22.

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    Love my SIG P229R in cal. 40. I am using two kinds of holsters, depending on what i wear and do. One is a Super Tuck Deluxe from CrossBreed, and the other is a Combat Master Belt Holster made by Galco.
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    I carried a P229 in .357SIG for years in a Kramer IWB 1 1/2. It carries well and stays put. It became too heavy for me when I reached 69 yrs old and had some medical problems. I now carry a P238 or a P232 in the same 1 1/2 Kramer IWB. I love it.

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    Good piece of gear. I'm with geneedge, just too big and heavy for me to daily carry. I am not as "senior" as geneedge :) but even at my younger age I have gotten smaller and smaller guns to carry as I get older. I am very happy with the small size of my firearm now but if trends continue, I will probably be carrying some micro .22 by the time I am geneedge's age.
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    My old beater 229 is still carried on occasion but it is kinda thick, I love it, closing in on 70,000 rounds through it but now more often than not I have a Kahr K40 or a Sig P239 with me . . . no plastic frames for me thank you

  11. Its a little heavy, I would go with a Sig 239 . A few ounces lighter and smaller all around. A crossbreed supertuck would work well with either.

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