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Thread: What to do with a Glock 27

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    Then why did you buy a Glock subcompact? As the gun you have now will not be of any use to you since it will be a big pain in the ass to conceal and heavy.

    I will say that you new range gun is nice and I hope you have fun learning to shoot it.

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    Interesting trade, but now you need to update your signature. I'd say you came out ahead based simply on the fact I absolutely love the .44 Magnum, plus it looks like you're stocked up on automatics.

  4. Ouch, you guys are harsh! However, that Redhawk brings to mind an important phrase: You can run, but you'll only die tired!

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    OK OK OK I will say this was a poor attempt of a joke on Glocks, (I know they shoot well) I have just never been a big fan I tried one and didn't like it. I probably would have better off with a full size or a compact rather than a subcompact.
    Now that I have egg on my face let's just move on and let me have fun learning to shoot my 44 mag. It does look like I will have to learn to reload cause at $30 plus a box of ammo it won't take long to break the bank.
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  6. I might have some .44 Mag brass lying around I can send you. If I do I'll PM you and we'll start a pay-it-forward thing on the site. I'll check into what I have and get back to you this evening.

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