Springfield XDm 45 striker retainer pin broke. Did yours?
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Thread: Springfield XDm 45 striker retainer pin broke. Did yours?

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    Springfield XDm 45 striker retainer pin broke. Did yours?

    The striker retainer pin broke on my XDM 45.

    I had a gunsmith repair it but he used the wrong pin. Won't use that gunsmith anymore.

    I called another gunsmith (who does a lot of work for a large city police department) and said this fairly common with this gun especially with dry firing. It seems the rear end of the striker slams back against the pin in dry fire. With a snap cap or real bullet, the impact is absorbed.

    I searched the internet and found several forum posts on this issue.

    I called Springfield and before I could get "striker retainer pin broke" out of my mouth, he interrupted and said he's going to send be some replacement pins. It seems they are aware of this issue.

    With this issue, I am concerned that the gun could break at the wrong time. A broken gun is no better than a rock. I'm considering replacing it, most likely with a Glock. Which for 45?

    Has anyone else had this issue?

  3. I have the XDm .40 and have not had the problem.. Not sure if its just the .45s
    had it for a while and its been dry fired quite a few times with just cleaning and showing the gun to people. I have not had 1 problem.

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    I have an .40 and have not had this issue.

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    I have the XD9, XD40 and XD45TAC I carry then all the time and I have not had issues with them.

    in the manual it indicates that you should not dry fire the gun. You can do it with a snap cap.

    where you dry firing without a snap cap?? if you where that was the begining of your problem.

    the guns are good guns...also I have had glocks break also if you do not use a snap cap...so again it is not the gun maker.

    All guns are going to fail during there life...it is your as the owner who needs to keep a good maintenance record and follow best practice to prolong the life of your guns.

    hope it helps.

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    the GLOCK armorer manual pg. 16 states you may dry fire a GLOCK pistol w/o expectation of damage to the firearm. I myself have owned mine 1.5 years and pracitce dry firing everyday and have had no problems

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    I have never had this problem, because I use a Glock pistol. And like titaniumman, I have dry fired it several 100's of times.

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    The pins are the main weakness to a otherwise bullet proof design. one should consider them pins an expendable part. Kind of like the roll pins retaining the breach block in the slides of older sig's. they are meant to be replaced when doing a detailed dis assembly. Use snap caps and it wont happen, I haven't in the past but will now. springfield is good about replacing parts if needed. A harder solid pin could wreck the striker so I would rather replace the cheaper part if it is needed. All guns regardless of maker have a weakest link, including glock.

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