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    imo i like the smith and wesson M&P .357, but i dont think u want to spend about a grand on one gun. sure is a fine lookin piece tho. i want one, but would rather spend around $850 for a kimber .45.

    hope you find what YOU like and what works for YOU. happy hunting.

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    I am looking for a light(er) weight .357 for a carry weapon. All of the guns I have seen have the shorter 2-2 1/2 finger grip. Is there a full grip revolver with the shorter barrel and lighter weight?

    I am on a budget, but am willing to "budge it" a little if I find the right one. (And can get away with it..... wife-wise.)
    I would recommend SW .357 model 19 excellent gun for conceal carry.....you can shoot .38 on that .357.... cost less event practice with "dry fire" with a great trigger time..... don't go less that .357... you may find one for $350... Good luck.....

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    I carry the GP Ruger 100 3" brl, Galco Paddle right hip, very concealable.
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    I'm rather fond of my Ruger SP 101. Nice carry pistol.

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    Ruger 357 new Vaquero SA, 5.5 Go big or stay home! no recoil. You could also try the GP100 6" DA nice grip and all buisness.
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    I just purchased a Taurus M617 back in April. There are a lot of great revolvers in .357 Magnum, and the ones mentioned so far were all considerations, probably wouldn't turn any of them down (S&W, Ruger, etc). I like the seven shot capacity of the Taurus, I like the feel and sights on it, and the fact I can hit a target with it reliably means everything to me (I usually practice at about 30 feet and can put all 7 shots in a 2" circle). It's a 2" barrel, which allows for packing on backpacking trips, it's big enough to be at least a reasonable bear defense w/ 180 FMJ, and I also conceal carry with 158gr SJHP. It's also not nearly as much difficulty to handle as I've seen here, I shoot a box of 50 each weekend, and only leave without shooting more because I have a budget (wishing congress did too).

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    I have a pair of S&W model 65's that work well for me. Charter Arms makes a nice .357 snubbie. I have several CA guns and they are light, sturdy, and not very pricey.
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    See "Dynamic Duo" below. The upper revolver , a S&W 686, is my carry gun in the winter when I can wear overgarments to cover it in an OWB holster. The Bottom revolver is my carry revolver, a S&W 640, in Autumn and early Spring, usually under a sweater covering an IWB. Both are .357 Magnum. I fire 100 rounds through each weekly. Experience has taught me that I do better with the .357 in the big one and .38 Spl +P in the smaller one. I have fired everything from .44 Mag through 10 MM and lesser in my 50+ years of shooting handguns, so I do not believe that I am overly recoil conscious. It isn't the pain of the recoil that forces a step down in ammo for the 640 but the recoil recovery for follow up shots. I know, the "Big Boys" are going to come on line and say it is because I am a "Woosy" who doesn't know how to hold a handgun. I have been shooting handguns from before most of them were born ( and in some cases, before their daddies were born) attended Gunsight when Jeff Cooper was one of my instructors and do have a little experience holding guns. There is no grip that can overcome the laws of physics and the 640 (equivalent to the SP 101) is just too much for me to handle with .357 Mags in it. The 686 is equivalent to the GP series of Rugers and does very well with the Magnum loads. For me, IMHO, I really believe the Magnum is a full size service revolver load.

    Go ahead and try it. But keep in mind that you should practice with a load equivalent in power and recoil to your carry load. If you can push 100 rounds a week through your smaller frame snubby, without a shooting glove or using lower powered loads, then go for it. But before you invest the money in lots of ammo, try shooting it in 100 round relays in your snubby.

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    I have a S&W 65-3 with Pachmayr grips. Very smooth trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    I have a pair of S&W model 65's that work well for me. Charter Arms makes a nice .357 snubbie. I have several CA guns and they are light, sturdy, and not very pricey.
    Have a S&W model 65-3 4" barrel. Not really a concealed carry piece unless the temps dip into the 50's or less... Will never part with it. My son gets it when I leave this world for heaven.

    I have to cast a vote for the S&W revolver family. Model 60 is a good choice as it has a larger grip. It's stainless so you have no finish worries. Yea they cost a bit more than others, but great quality is never cheap. S&W has been doing revolvers right for a long time... Think of it as an investment.

    Product: Model 60

    I own 5 S&W firearms and plan to acquire a few more. Toying with the idea of a model 17...
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