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    I have & carry both the Rossi 462 (.357), and the Taurus 85UL (.38). Both are dependable & inexpensive. The Rossi comes with a full-size grip and six round capacity. The little 85 easily disappears into my pocket. Both guns have lifetime warranty and can be bought new for less than $300. Don't let anybody fool you. You can trust your life to either of these. I do it daily. Of course, for another $100, you can have a S&W J-frame.

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    I have to cast a vote for the S&W revolver family. Model 60 is a good choice as it has a larger grip. It's stainless so you have no finish worries. Yea they cost a bit more than others, but great quality is never cheap. S&W has been doing revolvers right for a long time... Think of it as an investment.
    I agree, the Model 60 is a good choice. For a larger grip, the Badger works for me.
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