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Thread: .357 advice/ideas wanted

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    Talking .357 advice/ideas wanted

    I am looking for a light(er) weight .357 for a carry weapon. All of the guns I have seen have the shorter 2-2 1/2 finger grip. Is there a full grip revolver with the shorter barrel and lighter weight?

    I am on a budget, but am willing to "budge it" a little if I find the right one. (And can get away with it..... wife-wise.)

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    You can get a normal snub nose and change the grip for a standard one. I have a taurus 605 that cost $410. Reliable gun

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    My wife has a Rossi 38 special that has a full size grip, and I have a Rossi 357 Magnum with a compensator on 1 3 inch barrel that also has a full size grip. Both are fairly light weight and easy to carry concealed. The 357 is also a 6 shot instead of 5

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    I have a Ruger GP100 with a 3" barrel and it has a full size grip. When I carry it I use a high ride holster and with a loose over garment it conceals well.
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    I recently got my wife a Ruger LCR .357 with a Fobus paddle holster. She loves it. Heck I love it!
    Super light weight, easily concealable and it came with a nice Hogue grip. Prices online are around $450 after transfer fees/shipping, retail around $500.
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    Thanks guys, I'll call around and see if anyone has these in stock so I can check them out this weekend.

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    I know most manufacturers offer a longer grip as an accessory product. I replaced the boot grips on my Taurus with the longer version to get more control and went with federal's reduced recoil .357s. When I put Crimson laser grips on it, I also opted for the longer grip style.

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    It's not a budget handgun by any stretch, but the SIG P238 is AWESOME. It's a legitimate 3-finger grip very concealable option.

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    Glock 33 .357 pistol. Light and dependable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneyr View Post
    Glock 33 .357 pistol. Light and dependable.
    Can't go wrong with a Glock.

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