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    Just purchased the American Classic ll 1911 Great Weapon for the price under $400.00

  3. So tired of this glock crap

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    Get your self a Glock21.
    You should be banned from this site. A new member came in and asked a question that they would like information on and every time we get someone like you in here and ruin it for everybody. It's very simple....If it doesn't apply to you, don't reply. Get a life!!

  4. Hey anyone see the youtube video where a guys is carrying a owb paddle holster and a guy come up behind him grabs the gun while it is in the holster and pushes down and twisted the holster and gun right off his body. took the gun and holster from him left the holster backing in his pants like in 2 seconds. wow i am never getting that kind of holster. there was not a thing the guy could do after his gun was grabbed 2 seconds and it was gone. I think I am going for a solid holster no plastic or composit holster, i am thinking leather. now what do you guys think. watch the video search youtube for ( I think it was kydexs holster grab or paddle holster grab.) is this what can happen with any plastic holster and I saw a video where a gun was taken apart while a guy was holding it by a second guy what kind of gun was that. these kind stuff is why I stick with the stuff that have worked for years, this new **** has bugs. or things you find out later.
    Is it a glock? or what?

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    I have not , yet , but will for sure. Thanx for that heads up- thats one thing about open carry that bothers me. I carry in a paddle/composite- and have for years. But I have a shirt over it, even here in FLA I just wear a tank top and an open shirt. I have owned a variety of leather over the years but chose the paddle for that reason. If I sit somewhere safe I can take it off without the belt etc. Plus im a cheap bastard and leather is $ Before you say " whats your life worth!' I have to check with my wife-hold on

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