Kel-Tec ... confidence level carrying loaded w/ no safety
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Thread: Kel-Tec ... confidence level carrying loaded w/ no safety

  1. Kel-Tec ... confidence level carrying loaded w/ no safety

    Guys ... I'm just old fashioned I guess. I plan on buying a P3AT for pocket carry & am just uneasy carrying something that I don't have control over a safety lever. Has anybody ever heard of a Kel-Tec misfiring or going off accidentally (from jarring, dropping ... or for any reason at all ?) Pocket carry is awfully close to an area I wouldn't want to take an accidental discharge if you get my drift & I'm curious to hear from those with experience with this design as to your confidence level.

    Many thanks !!


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    No problem at all. The Kel-tec's are DA only. I was carrying mine loaded untill my wife took it to carry. You just have to train yourself not to put your finger on the trigger untill your absolutely ready to fire. They do not go off by themselves. LEO's always carry with one in the pipe.
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  4. I agree with Fred. I have the P3AT and carry it in my pocket all the time with one in the pipe. I feel very confident in carrying it that way. Quite frankly I have fell in love with the little bugger.

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    Add another for one in the pipe. I just picked one up about 2 weeks ago and have been carrying one in the pipe since I took it to the range last Saturday. With the long double action trigger pull I can not see it going off accidentally. I can also tell you IF, for some reason, the hammer dropped from half cocked it will not go off. Itís a long story but I know from experience! Lol

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    It's just like carrying one of those antique re-vol-ver things like great-grandfather...

    Except, there's no round non-detachable magazine-like thingy to bulge out the sides...:huh:

    I've carried both my P3AT and my PF-9 fully loaded without any fears/problems.
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    I've had my P32 in my pocket with one in the pipe for a long time. No worries.
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    No problem carrying it loaded at all. Just remember that revolvers don't have a safety lever because they are double action. Same thing with the KT's. It takes a long deliberate pull of the trigger to fire. I carry mine every day loaded. One in the chamber in my pocket.
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  9. Thanks guys ... appreciate the info. The little Kel-Tec seems like it owns the reasonably priced mini-380 market.

    One last question ... how does it compare to the new Ruger mini-380 ? Dimensions are about the same ... the Kel-Tec is obviously a proven design with the rotating barrel ... not sure if the Ruger uses this design or is a straight blow back ? Which way would you go ... Ruger or Kel-Tec ?

    John (PS - I lied ... how's the trigger pull on the Kel-Tec (I hear its pretty good for a DA - under 10# ?)
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    A guy I work with is probably going to go Ruger LCP, but he wants to handle one first. The Ruger is just a touch heavier (I've heard that .380 Kel-Teca have quite a bit of "snap" to them) and he and I both like the little thumb rest in the grip.

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    No problem with carrying one in the pipe. Do remember to use a pocket holster to keep the trigger covered. I have a little Desantis holster. It was cheap and I've had for a couple of years.
    If I had had the option, I think I would have gone with the Ruger. I love Ruger. You never know with a new pistol though. There probably will be bugs to work out. Don't get me wrong I like my KelTec too.

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