OK, I ordered it.
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Thread: OK, I ordered it.

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    OK, I ordered it.

    Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. There is a dealer in town that caters to law guys, and around here that is what they carry, although I suspect the cops get them in 40 instead of 9mm. For $499, I get the M&P in either 9, 40, or 357 SIG, three magazines, the interchangeable grips (probably a standard item), and the Novak tritium sights. $25 bucks more gets you the same deal but in 45. I ordered it with no thumb safety and no magazine safety. This will be my first poly framed gun. Gulp. I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I have read and heard of several stories of FTF, FTE, broken extractors, etc. I am sure hoping Smith got the bugs worked out. On the other hand, if they were unreliable, I don't reckon that law enforcement guys would carry them. Lots of guys I shoot IDPA with run them, and they can outshoot me and my SIG 229 all day long. Easily. I hate the thought of treating it like a new rifle, in that as soon as I get it, off to the gunsmith it goes for mods. I know that there is an outfit (APEX?) that offers aftermarket improvements for the M&P, but I hope that I can do those some other time instead of right now because it threw a rod. I know Smith has an excellent reputation for service, but the only other Smith I have is a Model 60 that runs perfect, as their revolvers always do. I hope I made a good buy. We shall see.
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    Say when.

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    i have the cheap, by all accounts substandard Sigma version in .40. it was my first gun and i wanted an m&p but couldn't afford the extra scratch. as for a poly frame, if you can get past the sharp(er) recoil (9mm the snap is probably negligible), you're gonna love it the second you put it on your hip. light and comfy.

    as far as the extractor goes, i did have mine break. then again, i was a gun newbie and i breech loaded a round and snapped the slide shut. not a good idea apparently. dropped it off to smith and wesson (i live within 10 minutes of the factory in springfield, yay me!) and got it back in less than 7 days, free repair. since then no problems whatsoever.

    enjoy your new piece!

  4. I have had my M&P 9L (5in barrel/slide) for a number of years and have shot over 5,000 rds through it. Just recently put the APEX Competition AEK. It is great took about an hour to put in.
    It is a great gun and is one of my favorite guns i own. I love the M&P so much i bought another M&P in 45, Full size. I immediately installed the APEX Duty/Carry Kit (it has a shorter reset and no slack in the beginning of the pull)

    M&P All the Way!!!

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    I love my m&p. I have the .357 with another barrel in .40 s&w. I have ran about 1k rounds in both calibers w/o any problems.

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    They are fine. You should not have any issues with it...I have a M&Pc 9mm and it has been fine for 2 years now.

  7. I regret selling my M&P9c and getting a Gen4 G17. Except for when it comes to finding accessories.

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