Glock beavertail grips?
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Thread: Glock beavertail grips?

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    Glock beavertail grips?

    Anybody try one of these? considering one for my G26. I like that they add some styling to the gun plus look like a factory accessory. Plus of course more grip for my big hand. Looks like the only grip I can add without compromising concealment.
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    is that a 26 or a 36 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    is that a 26 or a 36 ?
    I've got a 26, The pic is a 36.

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    Not a fan.

  6. One more thing to snag as you draw...

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    I need something like that on my P9000... I keep getting hammer bite after firing a few rounds.

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