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  • HK

    13 3.85%
  • SIG

    31 9.17%
  • Glock

    72 21.30%
  • Kimber

    24 7.10%
  • CZ

    8 2.37%
  • Walther

    9 2.66%
  • S&W

    41 12.13%
  • Beretta

    7 2.07%
  • Colt

    7 2.07%
  • Other

    126 37.28%
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Thread: Who makes your favorite carry gun?

  1. Gotta throw in my vote for Magnum Research. My EDC is a steel frame compact Desert Eagle 9mm. Reliable, accurate, and if it ever does jam, you can beat someone's ass with it.

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    I like both Ruger and Bersa -- they are reliable and dependable.

    Bersa Thunder .32
    Bersa Thunder .380
    Ruger SR9c

  4. I love to carry my Dan Wesson .357. Sometimes I put on the 2 1/2" barrel and sometimes the 4" barrel.

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    I love my Glock 19 but sosmetimes I go for my Mod 60 S&W that I can carry in a pocket holster on those really hot days

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    I carry a Ruger SP101 357 3" barrel "That puts me in the Other class"
    US Navy, Ruger SP101 357 3" Barrel, Glock 19 G3, Taurus M65 357 mag, Walther PK 380

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    OTHER........Springfield Armory 1911A1 MIL-SPEC. If ya gonna throw lead, throw big chunks!
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  8. Who makes your favorite carry gun?

    Right now my personal carry gun for every day is the Walter PPS 9 mm

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    My primary carry is a Springfield-armory XD 40 service. My back up carry is a Bersa Thunder CC .380
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  10. Ruger LC9, this thing pulls from your pocket as easy as a holster. Small and easy to conceal and it will handle all the +P you wanna throw at it.

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    Tried out my lastest purchase today for cc,Pa63 9x18 mak for when clothing will cover,have peashooters for summer time shorts and T shirt pt22 and 22 rohm.Ran two mags thru the pa63,no malfunctions,not as hard a kick as thought,accurate heavy but usable trigger,will get wolf springs to help it out.Carried IWB<SOB

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