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  • HK

    13 3.85%
  • SIG

    31 9.17%
  • Glock

    72 21.30%
  • Kimber

    24 7.10%
  • CZ

    8 2.37%
  • Walther

    9 2.66%
  • S&W

    41 12.13%
  • Beretta

    7 2.07%
  • Colt

    7 2.07%
  • Other

    126 37.28%
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Thread: Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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    Springfield and Sig are pretty equal in my eyes in terms of the practicality of their products... Sig gets the nod for quality, but I carry the XD more.

  3. Sig Sauer... the P-220 is my choice. :D

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  4. Judging by the number of "other" responses, I'd say you missed quite a few manufacturers. I love my 3" XD-40 with TFO's and my Kel-Tec .380.

  5. Glocks....durable, rugged, and they will go bang everytime under any conditions. I will switch to a S&W J-frame in my pocket too, especially during summer months.

  6. Favorite Carry

    Hello all -

    Newbie to this forum here. Colt Defender .45 ACP for my carry AND a 1968 (German made, pre-ban) Walther .380 (9mm kurz) for my BUG. Just right for an ankle holster for a guy my size. I know some guys who are big enough to hang a Desert Eagle on their ankle.


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    Hey tex45acp, how do you like your Wilson? My last name is Wilson and I always thought it would be cool to own a firearm personalized with my name. ;)

    SouthCentral, welcome to the forum.

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    The forum software limits us to 10 poll choices ;/

    Sorry to those left out in the cold

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    Thumbs up

    No reson to be sorry, we had 'other' and can voice our vote in a post.
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  10. Kahr - by golley!

  11. Cz 2075 Rami

    I really like the 2075 RAMI. The Alloy frame model is extremely reliable and suprisingly accurate for a 3" barrel. I looked into the polymer model, but wasn't as impressed. For the few ounces difference in weight, I prefer the grips and palm swell on the RAMI.

    It's available in 9mm or .40, and is either a 10+1 or 14+1 carry depending on the magazine in the 9mm version.
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