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  • HK

    13 3.85%
  • SIG

    31 9.17%
  • Glock

    72 21.30%
  • Kimber

    24 7.10%
  • CZ

    8 2.37%
  • Walther

    9 2.66%
  • S&W

    41 12.13%
  • Beretta

    7 2.07%
  • Colt

    7 2.07%
  • Other

    126 37.28%
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Thread: Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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    I've got a couple of XD and Sandy the 1911 is a Springfield also. The Customer service I've had from Springfield rarely occurs in business anymore.

  3. Thumbs up So far, teeny ones!

    Kel-tec 380 or. really teeny. NAA 22 mag revolver. ;)

  4. Glock 32 is what I carry all the time.

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    Ruger SP101 with CTC laser grip.

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    My favorite gun

    With out a doubt Heckler and Koch

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    "Glocks....durable, rugged, and they will go bang everytime under any conditions."
    Oddly enough, I shot borrowed Glock at a class, and it malfunctioned quite regularly. The owner said it works fine for him. My Steyr never fails to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kscchtrainer View Post
    You left out Springfield too :)
    Yep. Specifically, the XD-45 Compact for me. If I didn't have the XD, I'd probably carry my Parkerized SA GI.

  9. CZ RAMI...as if you couldn't guess.:D

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    Too bad the survey wasn't multiple choice. I have several: Kimber CDP Pro Carry II (4"), Kimber CDP Ultra Carry (3"), Walther PPK/S and a Glock 23. Depends on the weather, my mood, my "gut", and what I think the day may bring. Although I'm not permitted to 'carry' in New Jersey, the law allows me to carry in my own home and on my property, or at my place of business if it's a fixed location (e.g., not your car), and I exercise this option whenever I can.

    At the same time, I plan one day (soon?!) to move to Real America, where your Rights are recognized and respected more than they are here. Things will change.
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    Springfield should have been an option!

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