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  • HK

    13 3.85%
  • SIG

    31 9.17%
  • Glock

    72 21.30%
  • Kimber

    24 7.10%
  • CZ

    8 2.37%
  • Walther

    9 2.66%
  • S&W

    41 12.13%
  • Beretta

    7 2.07%
  • Colt

    7 2.07%
  • Other

    126 37.28%
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Thread: Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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    Beretta 92fs.

  3. Carry either my Sig P226 in 357sig or my Kimber Tactical Pro II, but I am looking forward to buying a walther p99 compact in 9mm.
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  4. Kel Tec.
    I have the P-11, my wife has the P3AT, and my step-son has the P-32. :D

  5. My carry gun is a S&W M&P .40c Have only carried for a month now but I think she's a keeper.

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    I want to know how many of the 'other' catagory are Kahr's?

  7. Or kel tecs

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    Carry Gun

    My favorite is my Springfield-armory XD-Subcompact in 9mm. It is lightweight and with a hi-cap magazine 15 rounds, it is one heck of a gun.

  9. Glock 27 for me 26 for wife.

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    Kahr first carry...

    Quote Originally Posted by skipjack_1st View Post
    I want to know how many of the 'other' catagory are Kahr's?
    I had a K9 when I first got my carry permit but it was an older one and I had problems with it cycling then broke some springs so I started trading up. First was a Kimber Ultra carry II, still have but put Crimson Trace grips on it.

    Then I bought a S&W .357 magnum and an airweight .38 spl., a Springfield .45 cal with Tritium Nite sights, S&W 50th anniversary .44 mag, two PPK .380 (one the older Interarms, good gun the other S&W 75th anniversary) and a Sig P232 .380 and a Sig P226.

    Also have some good long guns since I became interested in those also.. Everything including ammo in big safes.

    Really enjoy my shooting and feeling safe today because I can defend my family and myself if I have that need.

    But my fav is the Kimber...

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    Ria 1911

    My primary carry is a Rock Island Armory tactical 1911 and my boot BUG is a Bond Arms Snake Slayer (.45 Colt/410 3")

    Best wishes all!

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