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  • HK

    13 3.85%
  • SIG

    31 9.17%
  • Glock

    72 21.30%
  • Kimber

    24 7.10%
  • CZ

    8 2.37%
  • Walther

    9 2.66%
  • S&W

    41 12.13%
  • Beretta

    7 2.07%
  • Colt

    7 2.07%
  • Other

    126 37.28%
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Thread: Who makes your favorite carry gun?

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    springfield (xd 45) and taurus .357 most here. Both missing. Of course you cant have a poll with 30 choices.
    Rule #1 of CCW: Don't get made.

  3. Angry Kahr T9

    As soon as I figure out the majority of inter-related complexities of CCW here in North Carolina I'll carry my Kahr 9mm and hope it isn't "insufficient" or possibly a Glock 36 and hope it isn't "excessive". And then there is the maze of places CCW is prohibited and the maze of conditions that have to be met before brandishing, much less firing. And Heaven forbid I miss the bad guy and hit some bystander. But even if I make a clean and totally justified kill on bad guy "Bubba" there is the distinct possibility of physical retaliation from Bubba's hillbilly relatives, etc, etc, etc. So, at least for the forseeable, I'll make due with my can of Mean Green pepper spray and hope it's good enough.

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    That's true Zelenka, you don't want to hit the bystander but "Bubba's" relatives never concerned me, that's what the M4 and 18" 870 in the closet are for. :D
    Seriously though, that's why you train with your weapon of choice and even then I don't think it would be easy to draw and shoot a live target. I've never had to pull my weapon, I have had to pull my coat back. Most of the time presentation is everything, bad guys like easy targets not ones that carry a gun.

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    My favorite is the Ed Brown Kobra 1911. Sweet gun and totally reliable. Not a jam or misfire yet!
    A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.

    Molon labe!

  6. I usually carry my HK USP .40 but every now and then I break out the Glock 23

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    Ronny Barrett
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    My avitar is a photo of a custom made .50 BMG pistol. The gun weighs 14.5 lbs unloaded! The owner hand loads the ammunition. The fired a couple of Gov't surplus .50 BMG rounds once and it proved to be way too powerful.

    I would love to see what Ronnie Barrett can come up with daily carry. :)

    "A few well placed shots with a .22LR is a lot better than a bunch of solid misses with a .44 mag!" Glock Armorer, NRA Chief RSO, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloading Shotgun, and Home Firearm Safety Training Counselor

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    Let your voice be heard. A celebration of great guns. :D
    Glock all the way.............................
    Fascist's are Magicians...They can make our Property, our Freedom's & even our Children 'Disappear'.

  10. Ruger LCR and LC9! Perfect ccw.

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    I like: Ruger

    All of these are reliable.

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