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    Kimber Solo

    Has anyone held, or fired, the new Solo?

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    Saw them advertised, look pretty anyway.

    But, it is one of those "hammerless" autos that I naturally steer away from. (Just a quirk.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny View Post
    But, it is one of those "hammerless" autos that I naturally steer away from. (Just a quirk.)

    We don't need no stinkin hammers.

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    I don't like safeties on any carry gun especially a pocket one. Besides to my understanding the Solo has a 6 1/2 - 7 pound trigger it is not like a 1911 trigger so why the safety?

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    I've handled the Solo. I was very favorably impressed. If the price comes down a bit, I'm definitely in.
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    I saw the solo last week, it looks just like a little baby Kimber 1911 without the hammer. The shop only had one and it was not for sale. I was told they had about 30 on order. It would definately disappear in a pocket without any problem. It almost looked like a toy.

  8. I handled one, and it has a very nice fit & finish. I personally don't like the safety but the heavy trigger is fine (IMHO) for a pocket gun. They do seem to be in short supply, so someone is really liking them...

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