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Thread: .45 ACP or .357 Magnum Small Carry Guns

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    My Kahr P45 loaded with super-velocity RBCD Platinum Plus .45 ACP 90-grain TFSP (Total Fractionating Soft Point) 2036 fps/828 Flbs suits me just fine; backup is a S&W Airweight 628 with RBCD 38 Spl. 60-grain TFSP rated at 1975 fps/385 Flbs.
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    You might want to check the link. Those super light and super fast loads don't work out as well as you think.

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    Carry my 454 Casull snubbie, you are in the muzzle flash when you pull the trigger but the BG is in the wrong end of the blast. LOL

    Carry my 45 combat commander winter and summer call bs on the broken hand also.

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    A lot of conversation about speed and impact, but because the .45 is larger and makes a bigger hole, that helps do some damage. My vote is the G30sf. Really like the Win Ranger +P and no, it doesn't break my hand.

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    I have used both calibers for carry. The main difference is accuracy, fps, kinetic foot pounds of energy upon impact, etc., one must remember with a .357 like a 9 mm 1200 -1600 fps, that bullet will travel farther and is able to penetrate another home possibly killing or wounding someone else. The .45ACP at 830 - 900 fps is much slower will not travel as far and has the kinetic foot pounds of energy upon impact. In this case it would be a personal preference to the one purchasing the firearm, it is what you feel the most comfortable with and the ability to hit your target at 21 feet away, this average distance from your bedroom to the point of entry, usually the front door.
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    Try the Ruger LCR

    Love mine, easy to carry and fun to shoot, .38 speical +P all you need!!!!!!!!

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    I'd go with a .38 rather than a .357 in a snubby. I really like my Taurus Ultralight .38 snubby.

    I'd also throw my .02 cents in on going with a 9mm for a CCW auto instead of the .45 but, whatever you choose... it's better to have a gun than to not.
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    I have a Glock 36 and have not yet broken any bones. Thanks though for the warning. I'll be more careful with the next few hundred rounds.

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    Colt Defender!!!! A true 3" 45acp that I love and never had a issue with!!! A Lil on the costly side but what's your life worth??? PRICELESS!!!

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    I love mine!!!!
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  11. Phil gaimdaid it best if its uncomfortable you won't shoot it if you don't shoot it then its no good get the most from one shot invest in good small caliber ammo for your small gun

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