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Thread: How Often Do You Practice With Your Carry Weapon??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Wife wante here own keltec 32. She has a Kimber ultra carry a glock 23 and how wants the 32, what is with her. If she will pratice with mine and I see she has no issue with limp wristing its hers.
    Sounds good. If you give it to her does that give you and excuse to go buy yourself something new? :D I have never let my wife shoot my P3AT. She just doesn't like it. I think it might be a little hard for her to rack the slide and as you mentioned limp wristing could present a problem. It is the one of the very few handguns I have ever had a FTF on. I think I was limp wristing it. I took it apart and buffed the feed ramp and made sure to lock my wrist. No more FTF.
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    I practice once a week at the range and dry fire in the garage once a week at least. I picked up a lot of new skills in a training class recently that have made me much more appreciative of the dry fire practices.

  4. I practice with mine about 3-4 times a week

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