.38 Special Cobra Derringer
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Thread: .38 Special Cobra Derringer

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    .38 Special Cobra Derringer

    Hey Ya'll

    I saw this on the internet (.38 Special Cobra Derringer) and it looked like a good Option 3( option 1 1911 in a tactical briefcase, option 2 a .357 magnum snubby carried in a tactical planner or kidney carry weak side, option 3 in a Uncle Mike's sidekick fannypack/shoulder bag or in a pocket holster front pants pocket).

    Has anyone here owned one or shot one?

    I have seen some reviews on this gun and so far nothing makes me want to run away from it.
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    I've never fired that particular model/caliber. However, derringers in general don't have a place in my set of "options". With the advent of lighter, dependable .380's (KelTec, LCP, etc.) and their accompanying SD ammo, the derringer seems to be a thing of the past.

    Here's a YouTube video of the .38SPL...

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