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    Colt 1911 38 Super

    I'm looking for a Colt 1911 38 Super, anyone shot one, advice, I am thinking of making this my edc. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    Are you actually looking for a Colt's brand or just a 1911 in 38 super? I have fired a Kimber that I liked and i kinda want to get an RIA to go w/ my RIA .45 ACP but I'm not willing to get into a new caliber just now
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    Never fired one but everything I've read has been good. Even read that some folks like the caliber for hog huntin. Take a look at the Colt Delta Elite. Colt stopped making it for a while but are back at it. Everytime 38 super came up so did the Delta Elite.

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    Just getting started on this 38 Super "quest". This could take awhile or no time at all. As per make, it will be determined by comfort and how rides on hip. Haven't found a rental or owner of one yet to shoot. I like 1911 types as at present I carry a Colt Gov't 380, perfect for S. Fl. carry. I carried a Colt Commander in 45 ACP years ago, wasn't hard to conceal.
    Thanks for the info.
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    I have an old Colt 38 super from my dad. I love the old Super 38...!

    That was the gun of choice for a long time before the .357 mag and .44Mag where around.

    I remeber my dad saying this bullet will go thru a car...!

    I tested it one day with the old man and...well....It made a big hole on my old Maverick...! both doors...!

    That was not cool...still think my dad hated my Ford Maverick, but I guess he fixed the offense when he gave me his service Colt 38 Super...!

    the only thing I do not like is the ammo gets a bit hard to get.

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    I sometimes carry in that chambering. I favor the Colt Lw Commander. It is a semi-rimmed round and for many years Colt set their guns up to headspace on the rim. Accuracy was so-so, at best. Colt quit that practice sometimes in the 1980s (I think) and now I think Colt and all other makers chamber the guns to headspace on the mouth - accurcy is much improved. Agulia .38 Super is a pretty stout round at decent prices - good for practice. I prefer Win. Silvertip for social work, but I expect there are any number of excellent bullets out there. The round is dimensionally the same as the old .38 Auto, but loaded to MUCH higher pressures. Over the years the shell casing has been strengthened several times - so if you plan to reload, get newly manufactured brass if you can. Starline has an excellent rep.

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