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    Quote Originally Posted by AirMech74 View Post
    I like the Nemesis, I carried one with a J-Frame for a while, it works well with any small pistol. Fits great in my front pocket, gun pulls out easily without pulling the holster out.
    Do you think it would work well with the G27? Admittedly the G27 being a double stack pistol is going to be a little thicker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Do you think it would work well with the G27? Admittedly the G27 being a double stack pistol is going to be a little thicker.
    personally, I think a G27 is too thick for pocket carry.
    ~ Bill

  4. I'm not really arguing my beliefs, just those in general. I personally do think .380 is just fine, however the majority of shooters want nothing less than a 9mm for their primary.

  5. .380 is enough

    .380 still makes holes, and you have many chances to make more holes.

    I'm trying to decide between the BG380 and the DB9, but I don't like the trigger pull of the BG or the reliability of the DB9, so I'm seriously considering going down to the LCP with crimson trace. I need small (pocketsize) so any larger 9mm just won't do.

  6. The trigger on the lcp is about a mile longer than the bg380. If money isn't an option get the kahr cm9, its between 375 and 430

  7. Kahr cm9

    Dude! Not sure how I missed the cm9 but it's the same size as the db9. I just happened to watch a ton of YouTube videos of it today and I think I'm in love!

  8. Yeah It's quality for sure. It was my choice last week actually. Been flawless so far and just feels like a solid piece. Plus anyone will tell you kahr is amazing

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    I like how the slide locks back after the last round on the BG. I carried mine all summer in my right front pocket with a Nemisis holser and the BG .38 special in the SOB as my back up. Not a bad CCW combo. Barely know they are there.

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    If you like the LCP check out the Desantis pocket shot holster. I'm bummed the body guard doesn't fit this :/ The pocket shot is a walled with the LCP in it and finger hole for the trigger. You cant see an imprint and if you were patted down, they would think you have a wallet on ya!

  11. lc9

    The wife was choosing a small gun for ccw. Looked at sig238, lcp,lc9, and a few others. Her choice came to the lc9. It wasn't accurate at first, until 50-100 rounds were put thru it. The only other problem was the take down switch/lever. Was and sometimes is impossible to push down. A flat screwdriver putting pressure towards the inside of the plastic lever works good. Ruger offered to send me a shipping label to send it back for fixing if I need to. That's good service.

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