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  1. I know taurus has a small 380 pocket gun. Havent heard anything about reliability. I have a oler pt140 that has never jammed. and some new-er pro-models that feed very well.

  3. I own the Taurus .380. Great gun but has 1 issue. It won't feed the first round of jhp. Supposedly its a common issue that's supposed to fix itself after a couple hundred rounds. I don't see how its possible it looks WAY off when trying to feed but ill see I guess. It cycles it no problem but that first round just won't go unless I sling shot it. You can manually feed it but I've never felt comfortable doing it.

  4. I recently started using a Crossbreed Minituck holster with my BG380. Excellent product and great when the pants pockets won't easily hold the Nemesis pocket holster. I started with the Microtuck but didn't like the way the single clip held the gun in place. The Minituck has two clips and it works great. Crossbreed has exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.

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