S&W Bodyguard 380
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    Cool S&W Bodyguard 380

    To me this is a great concelement gun. You can carry this gun many different ways as not to bother you. This is a great gun as I like the way if feels, very confertable to use. Would like to know what other shooters think about this gun?

  3. I carry mine every day in its SuperFly holster. Compact, and with JHP ammo it's lethal enough. Just got back from an 11-state 3000-mile motorcycle trip with it. Had to pack it away crossing IL and KS, but it was in my pocket or tank bag the rest of the trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzogeezer View Post
    Had to pack it away crossing IL and KS...
    why in Kansas?
    ~ Bill

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    S& W Bodyguard 380

    I have one. It is a great pistol. Waiting for ankle holster from Don Hume. :)

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    Take a look at the Kel-Tec PF-9 or P-11 in 9mm, or their P-32 if you want something even smaller. Good, no-frills CCW guns, at very reasonable prices.

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    This is a great small handgun especially for the price. It is running about $350. Not a bad price for a .380 with laser sights.

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    I've been debating with myself between the LCP and the Bodyguard and I'm leaning more towards the Bodyguard.
    Hoping to make a purchase soon after my much needed fishing trip in a few weeks?
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    I opted for the LCP because the BG's were experiencing some "growing pains" when I was looking for a BUG.

    The LCP (without laser) shoots like a dream.

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    A+ I was impressed with how well built it was. and very small.
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    The BG is a little bigger than the LCP, and does not feel like it is going to jump out of your hand like the LCP. The BG comes with the grip extension (actually on the magazine), but if you decide to go with LCP, I highly recommend adding the grip extension.

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