Picked up new Rossi .38 Spcial!
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Thread: Picked up new Rossi .38 Spcial!

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    Picked up new Rossi .38 Spcial!

    MODEL R85104 .38 SPECIAL + P 6-SHOT


    So far, great gun for the price!

    That is all, I'm just excited.

    Edit: Special......
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    Make sure you keep checking the frame screws as you break it in. I lost the crane screw & retention spring from my model 462. Taurus sent me a new one for free. I replaced it using red Loctite, and haven't had a problem since. Otherwise, it is a great revolver. I like it as well, or maybe a little better, than my Taurus 85UL. Congratulations, you're gonna love it.

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