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    Purchase decision

    I am considering a Bersa Pro UC or an XD ultra compact. Are these two comparable?

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    They both make a good pistol, it is more of a personal preference however. The XD has a polymer frame, if thats what you are interested in, take a look at the Glocks! The difference is night and day in quality. Again, personal preference.

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    I actually liked the Bersa because I can get it in Stainless cheaper than the XD.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    What's your budget? Will it by a pinch to get the XD? If so, get the Bersa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    I am considering a Bersa Pro UC or an XD ultra compact. Are these two comparable?
    Compared to the vastly superior line of pistols from Glock, these two both fall short.

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    There are plenty of people out there that like the Bersa and the XD both and with good reason; both are fine weapons. As with any, you want to make sure they're well broken in and well maintained for proper reliability. You can go Glock as suggested, or S&W, or Sig, or Kimber; but since that's not what you asked I'll not go there. A well broken in, well maintained, and frequently verified Bersa or XD will be as effective of a tool as any of the others mentioned that have been provided equal care.

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    I have a XD9SC and can vouch for it's reliability. I looked at the Bersa at a gun store and if you actually hold one in your hand you can see that he quality is actually pretty impressive. They are smaller than the XD.

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