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    American Classic ll 1911

    I just received my new American Classic ll
    1911. Took it to the Range Yesterday Evening. I put about 45 rounds through it,and I'm Completely Impressed. For an 1911 thats sells less than $450.00 I give the Weapon a 9 out of 10,At 10 yards I had roughly an Baseball size group. At 20 yards I had roughly an Softball size group.

    Very smooth to shoot, the over sized Ejection Port aloud all spent casing's to clear without any problem.The low profile Novak sights made for clear target window, and was able to get on target quickly. Overall this weapon is well worth the $450.00 I purchased it for.

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    Good to hear trophyhunter.

    I would like to eventually buy another Full Sized .45 ACP 1911 and it sounds like this might be one to consider adding.

    I already have a Taurus PT-1911 alloy framed duo-toned 1911 and I love it.
    True Happiness is a warm .45 ACP or .357 Mag and an ice cold Sun Drop Cola. ME

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