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    I just picked up my Solo Carry and two spare mags on Monday. Took it to the range this morning and had a issue from the start. The gun will not chamber the first round from a fully loaded (6 rounds) magazine. It hangs up before the slide goes into battery. If I drop the mag and tap the back of the slide it will chamber the round, and then runs fine. It does this with all three mags. I thought ok its new and ran it with only 5 rounds in each magazine. I put 100 rounds of Speer Lawman 115 FMJ thru it, then 25 rounds of Speer 124 +P Gold Dots. Other than chambering the first round issue, the gun ran perfectly and is combat accurate. I was consistantly flipping the 4 inch plates at 15 yards and the 6 inch plates at 25 yards. I am going to call Kimber On Monday and see what they say about the chambering issue. Until then I will be carrying one of my others ;)

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    Before I bought my 9mm Colt New Agent, I researched the Kimber Solo. I liked way I saw, but was eventually warned away by several shooters I trusted who claimed to have heard or read about issues with Solo.

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    I contacted Kimber a few days after my last post. They gave me a RMA and said I would have it back within two weeks. I am happy to report that true to their word the had it back to me in under two weeks. The packing slip indicated that they replaced the barrel and test fired my gun. I promptly took it to the range and tried the same ammo that I initially had the problem with and now it runs GREAT. I am going to put in a few more sessions at the range before I promote it to a primary carry gun but I have a feeling it will do to ride the river with!

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    Picked up my new Solo Stainless 1/27/12, cleaned, oiled and took it to the range. Below are the types of ammo used and results.

    -Federal 124gr Hydra Shok JHP: 80 rounds with no problems at all.
    -Federal 135gr Low Recoil Hydra Shok: 40 rounds with no problems at all.
    -Rem. 124gr Golden Saber JHP: 75 rounds with no problems at all.
    -Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ (range ammo): 50 rounds with no problem.
    -Remington UMC 115gr (which Kimber says not to use) FMJ: 49 rounds with no problem, purposely limp wristed one round and the case did not eject.

    The trigger is by far the crispest one of its class. If you want to feel how different a trigger can be, try the LC9.

    The gun store I bought it from said that they have sold 15 Solos and one had to be sent back to Kimber. The other 14 didn't. It didn't twist in my hand as someone else mentioned. It's small, but it's supposed to be. Ive read many reviews about Solos that don't work. This one worked perfect. Great gun for what it's meant for - a pocket 9 for carry. Drop it in a Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe and you'll forget you're carrying.

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