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    I carry a Ruger LCP all the time.

    So I guess in a way that is my primary weapon because I always have that with me. I carry a 9mm with the .380 often but not all the time. I carry a .45 sometimes with the .380 but not all the time. I have practiced with it a lot and I can consistently make repeat hits on 5" in targets at 50 feet even when walking. I carry high performance ammo in it and I say it gives about 2/3rds the damage of the 9mm HP on test media.

    After carrying a .45 for a lot of years that's where my confidence level will always be. I think of the .380 as something I just have to shoot better with. I added laser sites on the LCP and it makes it very easy to shoot and hit fast under the right conditions i.e if you can see the laser.I practice on the range drawing two spare magazines held between the fingers of the support hand which gives me a fast couple of reloads ready at hand so to speak. It took a little practice but I can send 18 rounds of body hits at 50 feet down range in a little under 4 sec.(best time worst 6)That is not a brag anybody can do it with a little practice( and it is a lot of fun) The point is the little gun shoots straight and reloads fast which is what semi-autos were designed to do. I like my 9mm and my .45 but the .380 is always there.

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    380 is perfect

    I carry a walther pk380 and it is very easy to conceal

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    I have carried a Ruger LCP almost daily since getting my CHL. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Ruger LC9 for optional carry when clothing permits, figuring going between the LCP and the LC9 will be almost unnoticeable since they are virtually idential in function other than their caliber. But as a retired guy traveling in an RV, my daily dress is shorts and t-shirt as much as possible, and long-pants and t-shirt with maybe an over-shirt in cooler weather. The LCP is very easy to conceal even in minimal clothing.

  5. Well during the summer and when my attire necessitates it I carry a P3AT or a Bersa Thunder. During the winter, I still find myself carrying the 380s because of comfort. A 45, 44 special and a 38 special are in my rotation also. My wife carries the 380 excursively.

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    I live in Florida and carry either a Walther PK380 or a S&W 38 special revolver. Both conceal easily.

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    I carried a single action model AMT Backup until it was stolen. It fed ball ammo reliably and shot very accurately due to the fixed barrel design. I miss that gun!

  8. A Ruger LCP is always in my front pocket and is usually all I carry, due to ease of concealment. When I can I also carry either a .380 Makarov or a 9mm in addition to the LCP. As others have said, shot placement is the most important factor.
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    After allot of research, I went Sig P238. Since owning it it's stayed on my hip every hour my eyes are open (and even a few they weren't). It's small enough to be a pocket rocket, or IWB with a good holster like a Desantis Cozy Partner or Kholster Little Moon you'll forget it's there most times.

    Folk that claim they're not enough firepower, here's my two cents: It totally depends on the range you're shooting at more than anything. A .380 (known in many parts of the world as a 9mm Browning), the 9mm Luger (what we here in the States call a 9), a .38 Special, and the .357 Magnum all throw a bullet that is the same .355" in diameter. The difference is in the amount of powder behind them. That only changes their effective range. For the needs of a concealed carry permit holder who has to worry about shooting through what they hit and any collateral damage caused, a .380 is ideal because they are 100% effective at anything under 30 feet. If you're a private citizen and taking shots from 30 feet away, you're taking a massive liability risk. LEO has the City/County/State's insurance company to pay for their collateral damage.

    The Sig P238 requires a bit of breakin to be 100% (as do any GOOD ACPs), but they're truly revolver-type reliable after several hundred rounds. I have a plain Nitron, my wife has the Equinox (and I'm seriously considering trading). My father held my nitron in his hand for 5 seconds and said he wanted one.

    There is a massive waiting period for these guns because Sig can't make them fast enough. My pistol was made the 22 of March 2011, my fathers was made May 25. In that two months and couple days Sig manufactured 3015 of the P238 according to the count on the serial numbers.

    The P238 is truly unique in it's class. It is a true recoil operated pistol rather than a simple blowback system like many other .380 pistols. It is the first mini 1911 styled gun that the slide will operate with the pistol in a condition 1 state (cocked and locked/round chambered, hammer back, safety on). This means the only time to turn the safety off is when you are aiming to shoot something. Keep in mind, most accidental discharges happening when a weapon is being loaded or unloaded. This pistol can be loaded, unloaded, disassembed for cleaning; you can do absolutely anything at all you need to do with this pistol on a day to day basis and the safety never needs disengaged. Most (if not all) full sized "newly designed" 1911 replicas do not have this feature. I know of none of the other semi-autos that have a manual safety that the slide operates with the safety on, and honestly it's stupid not to. In my mind all pistols should be like the Sig P238 in that respect. I honestly know of no others that operate this way, but I'm not so well versed I'd say the p238 is the only one (although it may well be?). The safety is also like the later renditions of the 1911 that not only does the safety disable the hammer release from the trigger, it also has a firing pin block to prevent anything that may hit the pin from firing the round.

    Needless to say I'm a fan of this little pistol. Very accurate, very easy to carry full time, very easy to conceal full time, and most of all; one of the safest pistols made*. (*with a properly maintained and operating safety ALTHOUGH you should never be reliant on any mechanical safety, the first and last safety you should count on is between your ears).
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    Shot a .380through several types of clothes
    ,denim etc,on a gel. .380 didn't do much through bulk. Hollow points were even worse. Why go .380 when you can carry LC9 or equivalent? Might as well carry a 22, aleast it will bounce around alittle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TlWheatley View Post
    Shot a .380through several types of clothes
    ,denim etc,on a gel. .380 didn't do much through bulk. Hollow points were even worse. Why go .380 when you can carry LC9 or equivalent? Might as well carry a 22, aleast it will bounce around alittle.
    Why? I find the LC9 hard to shoot since it is a poor fit for my hand. It also has a cheep feel about it that I do not care for. In fact, I have not found any sub compact 9mm that I like, for one reason or another. My Beretta is very well made, fits my hand perfectly, and I can put all nine shots into the center ring of an IDPA target at 20 ft in under four seconds (closer to three sometimes). Others may have different results, hence different preferences, which I fully respect. And since I have never been attacked by a block of jello, I don't put a lot of faith in tests on jello.

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