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Thread: .380 as a Primary Weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeya View Post
    Sig P 238 is same as Colt Gov't. .380 & varaints
    Looks almost identicle to my Cold Mustang

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    4 .45's in the ass would not kill someone...just saying.
    Yeah, but if he was a white guy, like me, he's probably completely ass-less! 4 shots in the ass is like trick shooting! Easier to try for a head shot or two shots in each foot, Sheesh!
    Edmund Burke: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – 1784 speech. Taken from Founding Fathers Notes. "The unarmed man is not just defenseless -- he is also contemptible." Machiavelli

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    P3AT or LCP always in my pocket around the house. G26 or G19 when I leave the house.
    Earl G. Nash
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    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
    Why is this concept so hard to get across? A .45 ACP 1911 at home is WORTHLESS when you are being mugged! That Ruger .357 that shoots great that's right by the bedside is worth bat guano when that ex-con and his buddies are looking at your daughter and start moving towards you. A .22 magnum revolver or a .380 auto IN YOUR POCKET at the moment of crisis is the true life saver. A .22 magnum crashing into an ex-con's face is a heck of a lot more detrimental than, "Please, Don't! HELP!!"
    my wife and I each have one those little 22 mag revolvers, they are not much bigger than those belt buckle guns, but i'l tell you what those are definatly nean little guns, has a crack when it fires about sounds like a 9mm, a head shot at close range, the BG would not hear himself hit the floor

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