.380 as a Primary Weapon
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Thread: .380 as a Primary Weapon

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    .380 as a Primary Weapon

    Who all carries a .380 as either an every day carry weapon, or as an occasional primary weapon?

    I used to carry a SIG P232 as a backup weapon. I sold it after some reliability issues. I currently have a Beretta 85FS Cheetah that I have been carrying as a primary more and more. The weapon has not malfunctioned yet, and feeds anything that I have put into it. I am currently loading it with Remington Home Defense loads for carry, with the spare magazine loaded with FMJ. The Beretta would not be my first choice if I am heavily dressed (that is what my Glock 30SF and Glock 21SF are for), but with Summer here, I am finding that the Beretta is often the only pistol that I have on me when I leave home.

    .380 as a Primary Weapon-beretta85fs.jpg

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    I have been known to carry a Colt Government .380 full of Sabres, usually in the summertime. It fits in the small of my back just perfect under a shirt or t-shirt. I have a soft spot for this pistol.

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    I have carried a Bersa Thunder .380 for months. I have no problems with it, and feel perfectly safe. As we have said in other threads, size doesn't matter as much as people say. A .380 shot to the chest or head is still better that a .40 or 9mm to the shoulder or leg.

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    I've got a P-3at that I carry when I can't carry one of my larger weapons for concealment. The thinness of the P-3at makes it much easier to conceal for Pocket carry or IWB than the bulkier Glocks or my PF-9.
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    I bought my TCP/738 .380 in January of 2010, and where I go, it goes (most of the time!). I carry two belt magazines plus the one in the gun... It is my EDC.
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    I carry a TCP everywhere I go in my front pocket. Sometimes I'll OC with my M&P but usually keep that for colder months CCW.
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    i like my sig 238 it is very nice to carry in front pocket of my cargo shorts ,,tryed the bersa but had problem with spring

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    My Ruger LCP is my full time carry summer and winter in my front pocket. I have an old German Walther PPK/S which is more accurate and pleasant to shoot, but it's just too big. I'd rather not belt carry.

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    Sig 238

    Carry a p 238 front right pocket everyday, no excuses. Carry a sig tac ops 1911 .45 or jericho 941 .40 when I can dress appropriately, iwb, and move my 238 to left pocket. Carry spare 238 mag in opposite pocket, and 1-2 mags on belt for primary when possible.

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    .380 as a Primary? Take a hint from the cops...the answer is NO!

    Here is a question I ask of all my CCW students; "How many cops are out there carrying a .380 as a primary self defense weapon?"

    Answer: None

    And, there is a reason for that. Generally, the .380 cannot stop the actions of a determined BG - not enough "oomph." And, if you try it against a drunk or high attacker, it's just gonna piss 'em off.

    Take a hint from the cops - minimum caliber for a revolver - .38 special; minimum caliber for a semi-auto - 9mm.
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