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    Here's a couple of videos that I found very interesting and informative regarding the LC9

    Hickok45 has some amazing videos with amazing accuracy. I saw one where he did some serious long distance shooting with a glock 23. On a different note, Nutinfancy prefers the kel tec pf9 over the LC9.

    For me, my next gun will probably be the Ruger LC9, unless kel tec re-issues the PMR-30. I have occasional FN-57 thoughts, but I tend to keep my purchases on the economical side.

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    Move out of that state so you can carry and own whatever you want, when you want.

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    I have carried a Ruger LCP since last April. I recently bought a Ruger LC9 for a more powerful concealed carry pistol. I have a Springfield XD9 sub-compact that I like a lot, but decided against it for regular carry. My thinking is that the LCP and LCP will allow me to switch between a .380 and 9mm depending on what my clothing can accommodate, and their virtually identical trigger pull will make the transition pretty seamless. After switching from the LCP to the XD on the rage I am afraid/almost certain that carrying the XD could be a real safety issue as it fires so much easier than the LCP. I don't want to have to think much about which pistol I am carrying and having to shift mental gears in an emergency situation to adjust for different trigger pull.

    The LC9 isn't much harder to conceal than the LCP. An earlier poster mentioned the mag lock and thumb safety on the LC9, neither of which are on the LCP. I removed the mag lock bar fairly early (not a big deal for someone with some mechanical inclination). I carried the LC9 some with the thumb safety figuring I could just ignore it, but I recently removed the thumb safety lever after having it dig into my side and cause discomfort while carrying. Since the LCP has neither, I really want each of the two pistols to work as much like the other as possible. Now if I could just make the LCP slide lock back on empty ...

  5. I carry a LC9 in very hot central Texas. Either pocket carry (my favorite) or IWB. Like the lite weight and 9mm. Had been carring over a month when the wife ask me if I was ever going to carry. It just disappears if done right. I like the idea of the saftey when I carry in my pocket with one ready to go.

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    I was on-the-fence regarding adding a LC9 to my arsenal. However, after seeing the videos above and doing some serious research, I went out and bought one today.

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