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Thread: Newbie to ccw. What to carry?

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    You might look into the CZ-2075 RAMI, they are nice and compact and the design reduces recoil quite a bit from most handguns the same size. They start at about $450 depending on where you shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Francis View Post
    Hi all - a slight piggyback question from a very new member here. I am taking my certification course this weekend and will be shooting a variety of handgun options. Would a revolver be a good initial carry option for the average guy? What caliber should I be looking for or is this an "underwear" question. Apologies if it seems basic.
    Shoot as many as you can and go from there.The one you are most comfortable with and can easily conceal is your choice , and if you are like the rest of us you will buy another one anyway.

  4. In the summer I pocket a taurus 738 .380 cal
    In cold weather a ruger p95 9mm

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    i own a Kahr PM9 and love it. i feel 9mm is plenty of stopping power, and it's small enough that i carry it all the time, comfortably. dress clothes r really the only hindering factor to concealment, in which case i pack a little .380. recoil is very minimal for its size, and it's quite accurate at personal protection distances. i've talked to guys who've put over 30,000 rounds thru theirs with no wearing out yet, and i've shot nearly every type of ammo out there out of mine with no malfunctions.
    I just picked up the CM9 - same size as the PM but cheaper. Flawless through 170 rounds so far

  6. 9mm from Ruger: SR9C or LC9. Either way, feed it some Hornady Critical Defense ammo.

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    First of all, Glock. You'll never have to make a modification, and they are 100% reliable and safe right out of the box. That having been said, choose the largest diameter, most powerful load you can shoot accurately, and the largest frame size (i.e., higher capacity) you can effectively conceal and are willing to wear. Good luck!

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    glock 27 or 30 ?

    I have a small hand like the feel. Wondering if anyone has shot the 30

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    XD 40 subcompact stainless!!!!!! You will thank me!

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    I also carry a Sigma 9 as my primary. Yea, I agree about it being bulky. I have been harassing the wife to let me get another, smaller, pistol for my primary weapon. Even if I did, I would still keep the Sigma. I like it.

    5' 11"
    190 lb

  11. I too have small hands. Had a 30 and did not feel like I had the control I was comfortable with. I traded the 30 for a 36. Fits much better. I also have a 26. The two are almost the same size. 36 is slightly narrower than 26, 36 is about .5" longer and taller.

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