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Thread: Newbie to ccw. What to carry?

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    If you don't mind something outside the super small craze ... I have a XD9SC that has been utterly reliable for about 2.5K rounds. Fits in right with the price, too.

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    Just bought a Sr40c love it ,haven't shot yet ,fits my small hand ,can't wait to fire.

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    I've carried a Taurus 357 mag revolver, 38 special, finaly made my best decision when I bought my Glock 19 Gen 3, 9mm hollow points in the right place will take the BG down.

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    Carry what your comfortable with. I for instance carry a Springfield EMP 9mm. Can't go wrong with that one.

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    i carry the Sig P238 .380 im comfortable and can depend on this round to stop a threat if not with one round ill just unload all 7 rounds, that should take care of any issue

  7. I ended up trading in my s&w sigma. I ended up with the money to buy two guns. I bought a glock 19 and a s&w m&p9c. I would skip on the Beretta. I wish I wOuld have bought the glock instead of that sigma, I just couldn't trust it. I did slot of research into gu s and the ammo. Shoot any of the xd, glock, or s&w m&p 9mm or 40. That's just my opinion for buying your first gun for self defense. That's IMO the alrOund talent. Plus it's what the police carry. I would hope they have tested more than me and would choose quality.

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